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3 Reasons you should hire a career coach

Coaching is a process that aims to enhance performance, improve clarity, and focus on the present rather than on the past or future. The International Coaching Federation has listed the many benefits of coaching - including increased self-confidence (80%), improved work performance (74%), and communication skills (70%).

There are many different coaching models, but in all forms, the coach is a facilitator of learning and growth through powerful questions, challenging assumptions, and providing resources and tools to help achieve personal and professional clarity. Here are some other compelling reasons to work with a coach:

01 | You're feeling bored, unmotivated, or stuck.

Have you been in the same job, or even the same company for a long time? Has the Pandemic made you feel like you're living Groundhog Day? Are you feeling unmotivated, listless, or bored?

Connecting with a coach and engaging in the coaching process can help you reframe your current situation to determine the root cause of your disengagement and work with you to devise a customized strategy to ensure you get where you want to go.

One of the things that is so powerful about the coaching relationship is the honesty and trust that is born from quality coaching conversations. A coach will work with you through thoughtful self-analysis and powerful questions to determine what you're missing in your current role, what you need to begin to be engaged, inspired, and ready to work, and where you want to go to get 'un-stuck.'

02 | You want to make a career change.

Making a major career transition can be incredibly daunting – in some cases, you may feel that you are starting from scratch! If you're thinking about making a significant career change, a career coach can help you create a roadmap to take the next step in your professional life.

When I work with clients focusing on career transition, we usually begin with a discovery session to determine personal and professional values, unique strengths, motivations, and expectations for their next step. This process will also highlight upskilling, networking, resume building, and interviewing requirements. Together we will plot out a step-by-step plan to ensure they remain committed, motivated, and are singularly focused on their professional goals.

03 | You want to improve your performance.

The coaching process is most powerful when the coach and client are aligned on goals and expectations. This requires trust, honestly, vulnerability, and focus.

In the same way, you would hire a coach to improve your tennis or golf game, engaging a professional to enhance professional performance can be incredibly effective. In fact, in a recent ICF study, 96% of those who had used an Executive Coach said they would repeat the process.

We tend to focus most of our energy on "doing" in day-to-day life. Coaching is about doing – but it is also about being. When I work with my clients who are focused on improving performance, it is important for me as a coach to really understand what they are hoping to achieve and their larger life and career goals.

For this to be revealed, clients must be ready to see and hear those goals for themselves. Focusing on improving performance and understanding blind spots, assumptions, and 'gaps' will open doors to becoming a more effective leader and communicator. These insights are incredibly powerful for professional development – but they can translate to all areas of life.

Supercharge your career with personalized coaching.

I'd love to help you navigate career transitions, earn promotions, gain confidence, and create a long-term plan for your career with my highly tailored coaching services. Develop the leadership skills and executive presence needed for today's marketplace.


Ready to take the next step in your career? Feel free to book a no-obligation consultation today.

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