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The Burnout Struggle Is Real

Updated: Jul 6

5 Tips to Reduce Burnout & Improve Productivity in the Workplace

Burnout is avoidable - and possible to manage. As a leader, if you’re feeling stressed out or fatigued, chances are your employees are as well. Here are some tips to help your teams avoid burnout by having them focus on developing specific characteristics associated with more resilience.

1. Rather than avoiding issues, encourage your teams to find ways to address them head-on. Encourage real conversations. If an individual is having a conflict with a co-worker, suggest that they sit down together to talk through it.

2. Burnout is characterized by shame or questioning of value and effectiveness. Support a culture that allows people to celebrate what they’ve accomplished. Provide employees with opportunities to learn and grow, allowing space for them to identify the best ways to accomplish this.

3. When people feel burned out, the world often feels smaller, and solutions seem nonexistent. Build in ways for your team to see the big picture, and how they contribute. Enabling them to understand how their role matters, and how their work builds toward something greater, can significantly reduce feelings of burnout or depression.

4. Burnout can be isolating, and people who are affected by it often feel disconnected from others. The best thing you can do as a manager is to develop opportunities for employees to build meaning, by creating a sense of shared purpose around work.

5. Not all employees are going to thrive in the traditional work environment. Therefore, it’s important for managers to consider the needs of everyone on their team. This may require making changes to the physical work environment, to provide spaces that best suit your employees.

By focusing on ways to empower your teams, you will also empower yourself. Together you can focus on the future and find a way through burnout to professional fulfillment, creating a productive environment for all. Reach out to learn more about what you can do to maximize engagement today.

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