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How to Not Win Every Interview & Get the Job You Want

I’ve been working with a client who has had bad luck with employers over the past few years. He was looking to break his habit of getting himself hired into what appeared to be a good job – only to realize a few months later that it isn’t where he wanted to be. Together, we explored the patterns in choices that he had made that brought him to that same place multiple times, and this is what we found:

The way that he thought about himself as an applicant was weighed against what others wanted of him, rather than who he was as a candidate.

He continually focused on getting the job he was interviewing for, and his priority in interviewing was in impressing the hiring manager - not in being impressed by them.

We spent time together focusing on what he did exceptionally well as an operations Manager; how he was uniquely different than others in this role. We reviewed the environment he needed in order to thrive and excel in his role.  He committed to be more discerning about the companies and leaders he was considering as a part of his professional path, and we created a list of questions that he could ask that would ensure he was being true to himself as a candidate AND learning the things he needed to know about the companies he was courting.  

In short – he figured out who he was, why it mattered, and what he wanted. And he promised himself that he would stop doing what he had done in the past - acting as if the role, the company or the hiring Manager was absolutely right, no matter what.

We all have a desire to win and be the chosen one. But sometimes being the chosen one, means you have to do a job you don’t want to do, or show up as a person who you aren't.   If you say that you love camping on a first date, and you don’t, you’ve just sold yourself into a (potential) life of camping. Congratulations!

Here’s something to consider: Let the idea that you are as good or as valuable as other people determine you to be, die. It isn’t serving you in work or in life.

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